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  2. Don Johnson
    Video clip Heartache Away
  3. Journey
    Video clip I'll Be Alright Without You
  4. Luther Vandross
    Video clip Stop To Love
  5. Lone Justice
    Video clip Shelter
  6. John Parr
    Video clip Blame It On The Radio
  7. A-Ha
    Video clip Cry Wolf
  8. Eric Clapton
    Video clip It's In The Way That You Use It
  9. Amy Grant
    Video clip Stay For Awhile
  10. Chicago
    Video clip Will You Still Love Me?
  11. Kansas
    Video clip All I Wanted
  12. O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    Video clip We Love You
  13. Paul McCartney
    Video clip Stranglehold
  14. Genesis
    Video clip Land Of Confusion
  15. Colin James Hay (Men At Work)
    Video clip Hold Me
  16. Crowded House
    Video clip Don't Dream It's Over
  17. Paul Young
    Video clip Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong?
  18. Paul Simon
    Video clip The Boy In The Bubble
  19. Steve Winwood
    Video clip Back In The High Life Again
  20. Jets
    Video clip You Got It All
  21. Corey Hart
    Video clip Can't Help Falling In Love
  22. Lionel Richie
    Video clip Ballerina Girl
  23. Paul McCartney
    Video clip Pretty Little Head
  24. Wang Chung
    Video clip Let's Go
  25. Aretha Franklin And George Michael
    Video clip I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
  26. Starship (Jefferson Starship)
    Video clip Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
  27. Huey Lewis And The News
    Video clip Jacob's Ladder
  28. Bruce Willis Feat. Pointer Sisters
    Video clip Respect Yourself
  29. Cutting Crew
    Video clip (I Just) Died In Your Arms (US Version)
  30. Eight Seconds
    Video clip Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)
  31. Cyndi Lauper
    Video clip What's Going On
  32. Freddie Jackson
    Video clip Have You Ever Loved Somebody
  33. Reo Speedwagon
    Video clip That Ain't Love
  34. General Public
    Video clip Come Again
  35. Anita Baker
    Video clip Caught Up In The Rapture
  36. Gregory Abbott
    Video clip I Got The Feelin' (It's Over)
  37. Til Tuesday
    Video clip Coming Up Close
  38. Pretenders
    Video clip My Baby
  39. Tina Turner
    Video clip What You Get Is What You See
  40. Kool And The Gang
    Video clip Stone Love
  41. Herb Alpert
    Video clip Keep Your Eye On Me
  42. Bangles
    Video clip Walking Down Your Street
  43. Daryl Hall
    Video clip Someone Like You
  44. Kinks
    Video clip Lost And Found
  45. Billy Joel Feat. Ray Charles
    Video clip Baby Grand
  46. Smokey Robinson
    Video clip Just To See Her
  47. Blow Monkeys
    Video clip It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
  48. Atlantic Starr
    Video clip Always
  49. Shirley Murdock
    Video clip Go On Without You
  50. Kenny Loggins
    Video clip Meet Me Half Way
  51. Thompson Twins
    Video clip Get That Love
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Don Johnson Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Don Johnson
Video Clip: Heartache Away
Download video
Journey Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Journey
Video Clip: I'll Be Alright Without You
Download video
Luther Vandross Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Luther Vandross
Video Clip: Stop To Love
Download video
Lone Justice Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Lone Justice
Video Clip: Shelter
Download video
John Parr Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: John Parr
Video Clip: Blame It On The Radio
Download video
A-Ha Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: A-Ha
Video Clip: Cry Wolf
Download video
Eric Clapton Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Eric Clapton
Video Clip: It's In The Way That You Use It
Download video
Amy Grant Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Amy Grant
Video Clip: Stay For Awhile
Download video

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Don Johnson video-clip - Heartache Away, Journey video-clip - I'll Be Alright Without You, Luther Vandross video-clip - Stop To Love, Lone Justice video-clip - Shelter, John Parr video-clip - Blame It On The Radio, A-Ha video-clip - Cry Wolf, Eric Clapton video-clip - It's In The Way That You Use It, Amy Grant video-clip - Stay For Awhile
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